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The Power of Group Fitness

By February 26, 2021No Comments2 min read

2020 has been a rough year for everyone to say the least. For many people fitness and physical activity has taken a backseat to the realities of working and schooling from home and staying safe. Fortunately, with the vaccine coming out and people more stir-crazy than ever, a resurgence of group fitness is just around the corner. Not only are people missing movement, they are missing each other. That’s where group fitness comes in. Group classes at Power Hour 360 can help you and your fellow exercisers get your mojo back in 2021. It’s a little acronym I like to call CAF. It does not stand for caffeine, but if you’re into the early morning workouts you can add caffeine to the list.

  1. Camaraderie. Working out with others has long been a tradition for humans. Training together allows us to feed off of each other’s energy and boost each other’s confidence. When you feel like giving up it helps to have that partner next to you to keep you motivated and moving. In a group, people are rooting for each other and pushing each other to succeed. Amazingly, this could be someone you don’t even know, so introduce yourself next time!
  1. Accountability. People are more likely to stick to a program when they plan it out and make appointments. With group fitness you are not only making an appointment for yourself, you are usually planning to meet a friend or at least say hello to the regulars in your class. People miss you when you’re not there and want to check in on you when you return. This makes you feel like you have a team of other like-minded movers behind you.
  1. Fun. Working out alone is great and can be very mindful, but let’s be honest, working out in a group is WAY more fun! Those who sweat together, laugh together, and they burn more calories with those laughs. Fitness should be fun and if you’re smart about where you do it and who you do it with, you can have a blast!

Bottom line… we need each other. In this world we aren’t meant to do it alone. It’s time to come back to class and remember why you loved it so much. Bring friends, make friends, cheer each other on, support one another, smile, and laugh together. We’re stronger together than we are apart. Let’s go TEAM!