Power Hour

An intense group workout, including both cardio and strength training. It gives you the most effective full body workout within a 60-minute period. With this high intensity class, you can work your entire body and meet (or even exceed) your health and fitness goals. It is designed to include all fitness levels.

In one hour, you’ll complete 30 minutes of cardio, which will include the treadmill and rowing machine. You’ll also complete 30 minutes of strength training, which involves 90 seconds of movement and 35 seconds of rest. One of the ways you get to personalize your workout is deciding if you start with the cardio or strength training portion of your workout. Our experienced group trainers take the personalization a step further by providing modifications for any specific goals you may have as well as working around any injuries.

Our passionate group trainers are here to help you succeed. They know when it’s time to push you outside your comfort zone and when it’s time to slow down to focus on proper form. They thrive on working with all fitness levels and are constantly adapting to meet your needs

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Benefits of Strength & Cardio

When you engage in cardio, you start to breathe faster and more deeply, maximizing the oxygen in your blood. This can help you lose or maintain a healthy weight, build a stronger heart, reduce your risk of serious health conditions like heart disease and stroke, and boost your mood.

Strength training, on the other hand, helps your muscles become stronger and more powerful. As you build muscle, you’ll burn more calories, increasing your metabolism and supporting your weight loss goals.

By pairing cardio with strength training, you can maximize your results and enjoy optimal health. With Power Hour, you’ll reap the benefits of both in a single workout session. This is especially ideal if you lead a busy life and don’t always have time for separate cardio and strength training workouts.

Why Choose PowerHour360?

We offer a wide variety of classes to challenge everyone, no matter their age, health, or fitness level. Through different class formats and equipment like treadmills, rowers, TRX, kettlebells, dumbbells, and BOSU balls, you can enjoy a fun workout every time. Our personal group trainers make it a priority to keep our workouts fresh so you never get bored or hit a plateau. Best of all, they’ll motivate you and help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

What do I need for Power Hour?

A pair of tennis shoes, comfortable workout clothes, water, and a sweat towel. Water and sweat towels are available for purchase.

How can I try Power Hour?

We will first get you booked in for a fitness consult to evaluate fitness level, take body measurements & talk about fitness goals! Then we can get you scheduled in for a class!

Do I have to buy a membership?

While our membership plans are a great idea if you plan to attend our classes on a regular basis, you can drop in and pay per class if you prefer.

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If you’re interested in Power Hour, we encourage you to contact us for more information or reserve your class online today! We can’t wait to meet you!

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