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5 Ways To Know You Are Getting The Best Workout

By January 30, 2020No Comments3 min read

“I’m stuck, I can’t lose weight.” Does this sound familiar? What about, “I want to be toned, no more cellulite!” We all want to be our healthiest selves but how can we make sure we are getting the best workout? Below Power Hour 360’s Trainer/Biology Graduate, Courtney, explains to us why we should be implementing these 5 things into our workouts:

1) HIIT Training:
HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. For example, this type of training may include a maximum effort 20 second sprint then followed by a 40 second rest. It is an efficient way to burn a lot more calories in a short amount of time due to the high intensity rather than a long steady state cardio session. These short bursts create a higher metabolic rate at rest so you can enjoy watching tv or read and still burn calories at a higher rate. It is also seen to burn more fat rather than carbs for energy!

2) Circuit Training:
Circuit training is a technique used for muscle confusion, endurance, and strength. Typically, it is in a format that allows 4+ exercises in an allotted time. While you may think it is just a bunch of random exercises, it has many benefits that cannot be overlooked. Because most circuits involve weight or body weight being used it is an efficient way to burn fat due to its high intensity. This creates a toned look of the muscles that decrease the appearance of cellulite!

3) Boxing:
Cardiovascular exercise is extremely important to maintain a healthy heart! Boxing adds that extra edge of high intensity to a cardio session. As mentioned before, when high intensity cardio is implemented into a lifestyle you can see the metabolic benefits but with boxing it proves for an individual to have a more efficient resting heart rate. It also helps decrease stress, improves hand-eye coordination, and a decreased body fat composition!

4) Rowing:
Row row row your boats…ok but seriously you should because it has some incredible rewards! This exercise is a great low-impact upper and lower body workout. It is in fact a great way to build up endurance, shred fat, and lose weight! The rowing motion works over 9 different muscle groups which makes up 86% of your body’s muscles. Talk about a full body workout!

5) Strength Endurance:
While strength endurance training may sound intimidating, it actually helps you with your daily activities like: holding groceries, chopping wood, lifting boxes, cleaning your house, etc. 90 second intervals of strength workouts can strengthen those muscles and bones! As we age, we start to lose strength in our bones. Strength endurance training helps decrease the chances of osteoporosis (bone loss) and prevent future injuries. Along with preventing bone injuries, it reduces body fat and increases muscle mass. If you don’t use it (your muscles), you lose it!

That’s so many different exercises right? NO NEED TO PANIC. Power Hour 360 in Kirkland Urban offers all 5 aspects in their 1 hour sessions to make sure you are getting the best workout possible! Contact Courtney & her team at 206-508-5842 or visit them on their website: , they offer two free classes to start!