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Trainer Spotlight

Trainer Spotlight: Courtney Hansen

By January 29, 2020No Comments2 min read

Tell me how you first got involved with Power Hour 360?

“It all started in a little park bootcamp in Las Vegas. My family started to become very close to the Founders & had heard about starting up PH360. Once, the product was perfected, my family IMMEDIATELY wanted to start up a franchise. So here we are in the beautiful state of Washington.”


Fun fact: Did you know that Power Hour 360 in Kirkland Urban is the FIRST franchise of PH360?

What has surprised you most about teaching at Power Hour 360?

“Teaching at Power Hour is not a mindless class. You have to be intentional while working towards your goals. Lift heavier, run faster, & don’t stop between reps.”

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

“Someone may be surprised to know that I am also a fashion/lifestyle blogger on the side! I just blog as a hobby!”

Tell me about something or someone who has influenced your passion for fitness and personal training?

“Reinier & Kerry Geyser (The Founders) have completely influenced the way I have seen fitness & how to reach a mass of people instead of just personal training one-on-one sessions!”

FINAL QUESTION: What would you tell someone thinking about joining Power Hour 360?

To Potential Trainers:

  • This team loves to work HARD. We love to reach goals whether it be personal, professional, or even fitness goals! We pride ourselves on being apart of the Power Hour family!

To Potential Members:

  • Just like our trainers, we LOVE to reach GOALS. If you have goals, we want to be involved in them. We want to help you reach them in any way we can. Don’t be afraid to go for the goals that scare you, there is power in numbers!


Courtney is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She attended Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Biology. Courtney found her passion for fitness as she played many years of volleyball & had many personal & group trainers along the way. She wanted to have a career that involved the health & wellness of individuals so that landed her right here into the Power Hour 360 family.. Her other passions include: marketing, blogging, influencing, hiking, & listening to True Crime Podcasts!