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The Top 7 Benefits of a 1-hour Workout – Beyond Getting Fit

By February 26, 2021No Comments2 min read

The Top 7 Benefits of a 1-hour Workout – Beyond Getting Fit

If you’re not the naturally-athletic type, it may be hard for you to begin an exercise regime. It’s not that uncommon, really. Human nature being what it is, we’d all rather not do something physically taxing if we don’t want to.

But, there are crazy benefits to a workout routine if you stick with it. More than just fitting into those old jeans or getting a fist bump from your bathroom scale on a job well done. Consider these advantages, many of which you probably never knew:

  •       Consistent weight. With a regular workout, you won’t have to worry if today is a fat day or a skinny day. Your weight will remain more consistent. You’ll spend less time trying on clothes and more time adding to cart because you know your size hasn’t changed this week.
  •       Disease prevention. If your family has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease, a regular workout can literally extend your life with its long-term health benefits.
  •       Mood-booster. If you have a tendency for the blues, the release of happy brain chemicals from vigorous exercise will have you out socializing with your friends instead of Netflixing with Ben & Jerry.
  •       Power surge! If you can barely drag yourself through your front door after work, exercise can be the charging station you need. Who wants to lay around when you’re finally off work? You need to be out living life and regular workouts give you the energy needed to do just that.
  •       Insomnia-killer. If you toss and turn at night only to show up for work in a zombie-like state, you need a great workout routine. Trust us, when you’re physically tired in a positive way sleep will happen when you want it to.
  •       Va-Va-Voom! Regular exercise can boost a woman’s sex drive, give her energy to get it on, and the confidence to know she looks good. Any questions?
  •       New friends. Nothing is more bonding for women than conquering a tough workout class together. It’s a chance to form new friendships, expand your group of social connections and cocktail companions. 


3 hours a week of aerobic activity and 2 hours of rigorous cardio can get you all the benefits listed above. You can improve your health, appearance, and social life with a few hours a week time investment.

C’mon. You’re worth it! Contact us today and let’s get started.