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Power Hour 360 – Kirkland, Washington

By May 21, 2021December 23rd, 2021No Comments2 min read

Transformative Full Body Workout in Kirkland, Washington

If you’re tired of wasting time at the gym with a trainer who really doesn’t care if you reach your goals, or even worse doesn’t know how to get you there, we have a better solution. Power Hour 360 has challenging and effective training that will push you toward your goals and beyond. We know it took a lot of willpower to commit to a better body and our commitment is to get you there faster than you ever thought possible.

Utilizing the most effective, proven training methods our one and two-hour workout sessions will completely transform your body. It’s a positive metamorphosis that will also leave you motivated to maintaining lifelong body goals and a healthy lifestyle.

Effective Personal Training & Group Fitness Classes

We know that everyone is different. Some people like to work out solo and others need the social aspect of group training. No matter your fitness style we’ve got you covered. Our highly qualified and dedicated trainers will work with you to design a unique program for your body and workout style.

Our services include a HITT gym, cardio training, our proprietary Power Surge Workout, Power Boxing Classes, personal group training, group circuit training, and rigorous personal trainers. If you’re serious about getting the body you want fast, come to the best fitness studio in Kirkland, Power Hour 360.

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Our helpful team is ready to give you more information about our services. Contact us today and schedule an individual walk-through of our facilities.