Tailored Fitness Programs in Seattle, WA

Having an individualized and holistic approach to fitness guarantees the best results. That is what we are here to offer at Power Hour 360. Our mission since we opened our doors has always been creating a gym that meets the exact needs of clients. We are here to get you in the best shape of your life using a personalized full-body workout. Our personal trainer will cover many aspects of fitness, nutrition, and motivation. As one of the best fitness studio in Seattle, WA, we believe that leading a busy lifestyle doesn’t give you the license to compromise your wellbeing. We make it easy for you to pick a schedule that fits perfectly in your busy schedule.  

Programs tailored to meet your needs

To get you in the best shape we believe you have to use a program that works for you and be committed to it. That is why the first thing we do when you come to us is to discuss your fitness goals. This enables our trainer to develop a program that is tailored to you. We will also help you pick the best program from our four main ones: power surge workout, power boxing classes, group circuit training, or power hour. At times we will combine all four to help achieve your target goals rapidly. 

The one thing that sets us apart is our ability to offer true personal training. Whether you are taking our group fitness classes or working one-on-one with our trainers, you can be guaranteed of adhering to a program that fits your fitness goals. We are the best studio for personal group training in Seattle, WA. 

Get in the best shape of your life with us today. Power Hour 360 is the only fitness studio in Seattle that has your best interest at heart. Come visit us and take advantage of our 2 free classes.