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Get Your Summer Body Now

By January 29, 2021No Comments2 min read

Get Your Summer Body Now

Pretend it isn’t snowing outside and you’re not lying around for the third day in your yoga pants that have yet to see an hour of yoga. No, now is the time to imagine it’s May and you’re walking on the beach. Are you strutting confidently or hiding your bottom under a big sarong? If you’re Ms. Sarong and not jazzed about that, keep reading.

There’s no reason why you can’t have a magnificent body by May if you begin your 2021 workout commitment now. That’s right. It’s all in the determination, dedication, and effort. But the most important element is making every minute of your workout the most effective minute possible. At PowerHour360 we make it happen.

Whether you’ve been working out regularly, haven’t trained in months, or not ever, we can guide you through the most physically-transformational workout you’ll ever have. You’ll see changes quickly. You’ll feel tighter, slimmer, and more toned within a very short time. You’ll find it’s quite addicting, this new you emerging in the mirror.

Choose from our Power Hour, a full-on assault on flab in a group session that includes cardio and floor work. If you’re the sporty type try Power Boxing and release pent-up tension at the same time. If you love machine training choose our Power Circuit with more floor work and less cardio. Finally, if you’re up for a challenge try the Power Surge workout. It’s a 2-hour long super-intensive training session that will push you to your limits.

It goes without saying that before you begin any new workout you should make sure you have no health issues to contend with. Once that’s done choose a qualified, experienced instructor to help you reach your body goals in a way you’ll enjoy.

May is only 90 days away. Start your summer body journey today and be confident all year long. You’ll be glad you did!