As we start our six week Eat Like Your Trainer nutrition program, we wanted to share with you a few of our Costco favorites! We all know if you have a plan, you’re more likely to be successful. Once you have your go-to healthy meals and items you buy every week, eating clean becomes much simpler. You develop healthy habits and always have healthy snacks/meals ready to go. Simplify your life by adding some of the items below to your grocery list. Remember, eat well, live well, be well! 

  1. Power greens – Power greens are great for salads, cooking and smoothies! Pro tip:keep the bag in the freezer and then when you make a smoothie, throw a handful of power greens into the blender! You won’t have to worry about them going bad and you’ll always have greens readily available to you. It’s such a great way to sneak in an extra serving of veggies.
  2. Frozen fruit -Frozen fruit is a must. You can make amazing smoothies with just frozen fruit, power greens, and water! You can also add frozen fruit to your water for a little flavor without the added sugar. Craving something sweet? Try enjoying a couple pieces of frozen mango after dinner…yum!
  3. Vital Collagen Proteins – It’s so important to make sure you’re getting enough protein every day. This protein is great because it’s flavorless. You can mix it into anything. Try adding a scoop into your smoothies, overnight oats, or coffee.
  4. Nuts – These are such a great snack to take with you wherever you go. A great morning snack is a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts. This combo will help keep you full and energized. Pro tip: leave a small container of nuts in your car. That way you always have an emergency snack available instead of an unhealthy alternative at the gas station.
  5. Ground turkey/fish – It’s always a great idea to keep some healthy proteins in your freezer. Costco has ground turkey that’s great for tacos, chili, meatballs or hamburgers. Costco also has a great selection of fish. You can buy it fresh or frozen. Fish is great because you can put it in the oven with some veggies and have a healthy meal ready in no time!
  6. Fresh broccoli/cauliflower – We all know that convenience is key! That’s why this ready to go broccoli and cauliflower is awesome! You can use them as a side for dinners or simply eat them as snacks. 
  7. Hummus – Hummus goes great with those fresh veggies! Pairing a healthy fat with your veggies will help you feel more satisfied. Costco also carries the brand “Bitchin Sauce.” It’s similar to hummus and made out of almonds. So delicious!