A Fitness Studio in Bothell that Understands Your Plight

Power Hour 360 is not just a place to work out but a place where you get personalized training. Even with the best fitness studio in Bothell, WA, we understand how intimidating the first few days at the gym can be. That is why we tailor our fitness programs to you. In addition to providing a unique personal training environment that inspires you, we take your fitness goals into account so as to get you started on a result-based program. With us, it doesn’t matter how out of shape you are or what your fitness goals are, we are here to bring your fitness vision to life. 

Personalize your training

The main reason people spend weeks in the gym without seeing any results is because they rely on programs that don’t work for them. Our mission at Power Hour 360 is to offer a program that works perfectly for you. When you come to us, our personal trainer will sit down with you to discuss your fitness goals. This information enables us to come up with a program that not only matches your fitness goals but one that guarantees you achieve your goals within the shortest time possible. Our most recommended programs are group circuit training, personal group training, power boxing classes, power surge workout and power hour. Get in touch with us today and take advantage of our 2 free classes. 

Which setting works best for you? Do you prefer group fitness classes or simply personal training? At Power Hour 360 we got you covered. We are the only fitness studio in Bothell, WA that offers the highest standard of personalized training that is dedicated to your fitness experience as well as results. Our coaches are dynamic and committed to promoting tangible goal attainment. We are focused on motivating you to surmount your personal challenges by expecting accountability and offering integrated support systems.