Result Based Personal Training in Bellevue, WA

Our mission at Power Hour 360 is to deliver results-based personal training in Bellevue, WA. The programs are offered in the best fitness studio in Washington and led by the most experienced and passionate personal trainers in the business. Our personal trainer will inspire, challenge as well as empower you throughout your journey to fitness. Our focus is you and we take great pride in helping you achieve your fitness goals. In addition to the full-body workout, our training program also includes individualized nutrition and progress monitoring. Come get in shape with us; we respect your busy lifestyle and work around it. 

Train with intention 

The mistake that most people make when heading to the gym is that of getting started without an idea of what they really want. This is not our style at Power Hour 360. The first thing we do when you come to us is to sit down with you to understand your fitness goals. We use your goals to develop a fitness program that works for you. Whether you are interested in our group fitness classes or personal training, based on your goals our fitness team will help you know which program will work best for you. Our most recommended programs are power surge workout, power boxing classes, group circuit training and the power hour. Select your schedule and let our fitness crew get you in your best shape.

As the leading fitness studio in Bellevue, WA, we believe there are no goals that are too high to hit. We also know that irrespective of how busy your lifestyle is there is always room for a fitness program. Come visit us today and let’s discuss the best approach to help hit your goals. Our personal group training will give you the motivation you need to keep aiming higher. Why not take advantage of our 2 free classes today?