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4 Reasons You Should Be Drinking More Water

By August 28, 2020No Comments2 min read

4 Reasons You Should Be Drinking More Water

Water is your body’s main component and it makes about 60% of the body weight. Therefore, your body needs water to thrive. Failure to consume enough water leads to dehydration, which could affect you in many adverse ways. Dehydration slows down your metabolism and leads to the shrinking of the brain tissues. The amount of water you should consume might vary depending on several factors. For instance, when engaging in physical exercise, you would need to drink more water than when you’re just relaxing. Some of the leading reasons why you should consume more water are: 

Water Promotes Weight Loss

Many studies have revealed that you could lose more weight if you consume water before meals. When you take water before meals, you’ll feel full and end up consuming less food. Therefore, people who drink more water are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t. Drinking waters boosts your metabolism, and thus increases the number of calories you burn. Should you drink cold or warm water? You’d be surprised to know that cold water boosts your metabolism more than warm water. When you consume cold water, your body uses more energy to heat the water and ends up burning more calories. 

Removes Toxins from the Body

Have you been noticing an increase in acne and breakouts on your skin? This is a sign that you should be drinking more water. Skin conditions like acne mainly develop due to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Drinking more water helps to flush out the toxins. By staying hydrated, you can reduce the risk of developing pimples and enjoy the smooth skin you’ve always desired.

Helps with Digestion 

If you get into the habit of drinking more water, you’ll never complain of constipation or other digestion issues. Water helps to dissolve soluble fiber and fats, making it easy for the body to digest food. If you don’t consume enough water, the colon absorbs water from the stool leading to constipation. 

Preventing and Treating Headaches

There is no better way to get rid of headaches and migraines than drinking more water. Dehydration is the main cause of headaches. Whenever you have a headache, drinking water can help alleviate the headache. It’s actually advisable to drink water is you sense headache signs. 

You shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of drinking water. You’ll enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.